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Vocal Samples



Vocalocity is mixture of Hip Hop and R&B Vocals.80 Samples in series Some are Hooks, Some chants and some are just vocals snippets.All are ready to be loaded in your sampler for creative Phun. Get ready to tweak, chop and flow with these hip hop vocal samples. Theres singing as well as Rap vocals in this series. Buy it Today all samples are 16 Bit 44 Khz. WAV format and will load in most samplers

The Vocal samples are real Gangsta!! Developed and produced by a professional Engineers & programmer with serious street credibility in music production. Vocaloicity the best vocal sample  series on the internet. These Vocal samples are loaded with the style that is hot in today's production game. These Vocal Samples will add that dynamic sound to your production game.

These Vocals will inspire your creativity and help you to create some of the best beats you've ever done. Vocal hip hop samples  comes in various styles, tempos, and variations.  Buy it today! It's priced to sell. Instant Download is available or you can buy it on DVD-ROM.  All loops are royalty free.