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MPC 500 by Akai


This MPC can be ran by 6 AA batteries. This is a totally portable unit.  It also includes an AC power adapter.  The sound and feel of the unit is similiar to the MPC 1000 and MPC 2500 series. It is a compact yet fully durable muisc production center that features 48 tracks, 16 channel Midi Sequencer and 32 voice drum-phrase sampler with 16 bit and 44.1 kHz fidelity.

Like all other MPC's the sequencer supports standard MIDI file format and you can load WAV files into the sampler.  The MPC 500 provides 12 beat pads, 4 less than the regular MPC series from the past.  The MPC 500 has various onboard effects and two stereo effect sends, plus a Master control.  The MPC 500 comes with up to 128MB Ram which is used through the EXM 128 memory expansion used by the MPC1000 and MPC 2500.  The compact flash card will allow muisc producers to save all data which can be loaded int other Akai drum machines like the MPC 2500 and MPC 1000.

The Usb port allows you to transfer data like .WAV files and .MID files or MPC sequence files in and out of the MPC 500.

Deep In Da Game Series

Loopking's "Deep in the Game," drum sound series will bless any MPC 500 and bring your music production to life. These are street certified hip hop samples and sounds. These MPC sounds will move your production to the next level. only $29.99, hundreds of sounds.