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MPC 2500 by Akai


The mpc 2500 has a 64 track MIDI sequencer with 32 voice polyphony 16 bit stereo sampling capablity in one excellent desktop unit.  The Akai mpc has effects like reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, 4 band EQ, flying pan, compressor and a phase shifter.  The MPC 2500 comes with 2 Midi inputs and 4 Midi oututs which is a return to the old MPC 3000 set up. The MPC 2500 has a large LCD screen which allows clear view sequence operation and data wheel prompts.  MIDI data can continously also be shown and edited. The Akai MPC 2500 comes with 16MB. The 16 MB can be expanded up to 128MB via an optional EXM 128 memory card which is old seperatley.

The sound generator in the MPC 2500 handles 16 bit 44.1kHz Wav files, which can be loaded via CD-ROM or compact flash card.  You can creat up up to 99 sequences. This MPC has 16 drum pads, 4 banks and 16 levels of volicity and tuning capabilities. Like the MPC 2000xl it has track mute and next sequence features for live performance.

The MPc 2500 comes standard Left and Right record inputs 1/4" stereo phones balnced -40dbu, input impedance 11k ohms, max input level +10dBu. 

                                                      The Mob Figga Sound Kitz

Loopking's "The Mob Figga Sound Kitz" drum sound series will bless any MPC 500 and bring your music production to life. These are street certified hip hop samples and sounds. These MPC sounds will move your production to the next level. only $29.99, hundreds of sounds.