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Hip Hop Loops

Working With Hip Hop Loops


Working with Hip Hop Loops can be as rewarding as working with samples from old vinyl records or sample CD's. It's important now days when using loops that use them with some creativity. In past years hip hop producers would simply just take a sample or loop and loop it over and over. Most producers now days will chop samples and loops making a very different variation of the sample. Some loops become almost unidentifiable.

Hip Hop Loops are great way to induce a strong vibe and groove in your production.  Loops are a great resource for electronic hip hop and trip hop producers. A good loop used in the right hands can be magical. Loops can be used for all types of music and multi media projects.  The one positive thing about using loops is that you don't need know much about musical notation, reading music or even playing a conventional instrument. There have been producers who have multi platinum plaques that used loops who can't literally play an instrument. The down side of using loops and samples is that music keeps being recycled over and over, sometimes song that are samples, get sampled.

To use samples and loops you need a hardware sampler like the MPC series or Roland MV 8000, or korg worstation or software sampler. There are also music software recording programs like Logic pro and Cusbase that allow you use loops as well as record live instruments.

The one real positive about loops is that there are various websites, Sample CD, and programs that have a multitude of material to choose from.

In closing there's nothing wrong with using loops and I suggest more hip hop producers work with loops to see how far they can push the envelop when it comes to sample based music. is site that specializes in loop based products. Unlike a lot of other companies all of our loops are royalty free.