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Fruity Loops - FL Studio

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Have fun and make music on your computer!

FL Studio 7 - Fruity Loops from Image Line is a full-featured, open-architecture music composition and production environment for Windows-based PC computers. You can produce any style of music with a complete set of instrument and studio tools is included in the cost of the package. With the included plugins, sounds, and tools the user can create complete songs, as well as backing tracks, loops, and sizzling beats. Completed songs can be saved to WAV, MP3, MIDI, .ZIP, or native project formats (.FLP).

The Fruityloops Edition of FL Studio 7 has all the features of Studio 7 Producer Edition except it does not support audiotracks with WAV form display, the integrated WAV editor, ASIO-in recording, or perform envelope automation of all parameters in playlist.

You can make virtually any sound with FL7 music production software. It includes 13 virtual synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass; electric guitar and plucked string simulation; sampler tools including piano; general sample playback; and beat-slicing; and a range of synthesis techniques (subtractive, modelling, FM, granular, and additive).

Audio recording and editing
Capture audio from a single vocalist right through to a full symphony orchestra. FL7 can record up to 64 simultaneous tracks of audio. The Playlist workspace can contain an unlimited number of audio tracks and allows you to arrange discrete audio events in any order, and position the creative process dictates with complete flexibility. Audio tools allow the ability to time-stretch, pitch-shift, beat-slice, chop, edit and creatively destruct audio. FL7 also introduces Edison, a full-featured mastering wave editor and recorder. FL Studio supports WAV, MP3 and OGG formats.

Sequencing Fruity Loops
Record musical performances and ideas in the most logical way. FL7 functions as both a pattern and track based sequencer depending on user preferences. Tools include an unlimited track Step-sequencer, an industry-leading Piano Roll and Automation Clips. FL Studio supports MIDI and input from all standard Controllers.

Arranging Fruity Loops
Determine your own project design. In FL7, you decide how your project will be laid out. Unlike the competition, FL7's Playlist is a totally flexible and virtually unbounded space where Note Pattern, Audio and Automation data can be arranged, and edited to suit your creative ideas and workflow.

Mixing/Mastering Fruity Loops
The most powerful mixer in its class. FL7 music software includes an industry-leading 64 stereo track mixer. Each track can include up to 8 effects and can also be routed to any of the other 64 tracks or one of 4 dedicated 'send' channels. The 44 included effects plugins span Compression, Delay, Distortion, EQ, Filtering, Phasing, Flanging, Chorus, Vocoding and Reverb. These will take you from the creative broad-brush effects like reverb, through to the minutia of the mastering process with multiband compression/limiting and parametric EQ.

Image Line FL Studio 7 Fruityloops Edition Virtual Studio Specifications:

  • FL7 will fit easily within your current workflow supporting VST/VSTi/VST2, DXi, DXi2, MP3, WAV, OGG (import), MIDI, ASIO, ASIO 2.
  • Additionally supported through DirectWave AKAI AKP (S5/6K,Z4,Z8), Battery (version 1), MPC, Reason, Kurzweil, EXS24, Kontakt (version 1 & 2), Recycle, SFZ+ and SoundFont2.

    Minimum system requirements:

    Minimum Pentium III or Athlon XP (any processor supporting SSE instructions)
  • Or Intel Mac with Bootcamp (running Windows XP)
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • Minimum 256MB ram
  • 200MB free harddisk space
  • Windows compatible soundcard with DirectSound drivers, ASIO drivers required for audio recording
  • (FL installer comes with generic Asio4All drivers)

Image Line FL Studio 7 Fruityloops Edition Virtual Studio Features:

  • FL now supports track-based sequencing
  • Pattern Clips present sequence data in the method as Audio and Automation Clips
  • Edison replaces the Wave Editor - Edison is a fully integrated audio editing and recording tool complete with spectral analysis, convolution reverb + more
  • Event Automation can now be converted to Automation clips
  • Updated audio stretching engine for FL Studio & FL plugins (where applicable)
  • Multicore safe generators can now be threaded for performance gain on multi-core CPUs
  • Smoother audio 'record to disk' performance with high track-counts
  • Note OFF velocity support for the Piano roll, MIDI files, MIDI out & Sytrus
  • 'Smart Disable' mode for generator plugins, previously was effects only.
  • A 'News Panel', to keep users updated with content and patches.
  • Plugin windows can now be detached from the FL Studio desktop.
  • DirectWave sampler now loads AIFF samples & includes a VST preset loader in auto sampler function.
  • Sytrus gains multi-level Undo' a 'Cherry' phaser filter, 256 unit Harmonics editor (up from 128), automatable unison panning, volume and pitch.
  • FPC acquires wave start/end point selection. SFZ export and loads AIFF, MP3 and REX files.
  • Mono source recording. Mono ASIO inputs now handled by the mixer IN list.
  • New user-definable keyboard velocity curve mapping in MIDI setup.
  • Support for Apple Loops AIFF extensions.

  • 3xOsc, Sampler, BooBass, Beepmap, Plucked, Fruit Kick
  • Chrome ,FPC, WaveTraveller, Dashboard, KB Controller
  • Fruity Vibrator, Midi Out, FL Slayer, FL Keys, Granuliser