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This is a large catalog of professional royalty -free  loops. These loops are produced by some of today’s hottest and most dynamic producers.
These royalty free loops are recorded & mixed with Pro Tools and are available for instant download in .WAV format and CD-ROM. This drum loop library contains many various styles and tempos for hip hop production. These Blazin’ Hot Drum Loops can be used in the MPC 1000, MPC 2000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 3000, MPC 4000, Roland MV 8000, music software VST, Fruity loops and music samplers.  Buy these series today!


Fruity Loops


FL Studio, formerly known as FruityLoops, is a digital audio workstation, developed by Belgian company Image-Line Software. FL Studio was originally the creation of Swargdeep singh (aka "sunny"), who is now the lead programmer responsible for the overall development of the program and some instruments & effects. Other staff working on FL Studio include: Fréderic Vanmol [aka "reflex"](VST & wrapper development), Scott Fisher (user manual/s & documentation) and Ammeris Gill [aka "Buckskin"] (sample & loop content). Jean-Marie Cannie & Frank Van Biesen provide management oversight to the team.

FL Studio features a fully automatable workflow centered around a pattern-based music sequencer. The environment includes MIDI support and incorporates a number of features for the editing, mixing, and recording of audio. Completed songs or clips may be exported to Microsoft WAV, MP3, and as of FL Studio 8, the OGG Vorbis format. FL Studio saves work in a proprietary *.FLP format (Fruity Loops Project). This can cause confusion with Adobe Flash CS3, which also saves as *.flp (Flash Project).

The program is acclaimed for its professional DAW features at an attractive price point. Scoring to video is possible using the video-player plugin, but there is no support for traditional music notation.

FL Studio is written in Borland Delphi and thus there are no finalized plans develop a native Linux or Mac OS X port. As of September 2008, the Image-Line website indicates that the company will fully support users running FL Studio on Apple computers via Boot Camp. A native Mac FL Studio Suite (Universal Binary) could follow in 2009, if appropriate developers can be found.

included generators

  • 3x OSC - a flexible 3 oscillator virtual analog synth with custom wave-shapes, a tempo-synced DAHDSR envelope and LFO for Volume, Filter, Resonance, and Pitch, an LFO for panning, a pitched MIDI delay for unison effects
  • BeepMap - generates unusual sounds based on an image
  • BooBass - a realistic bass guitar simulation
  • Buzz Generator Adapter - used to run most BUZZ plugins
  • Dashboard - customizable interface for controlling external MIDI hardware
  • FL Slayer - an electric guitar simulator
  • FL Keys - a multi-sampled synth for various piano sounds
  • Keyboard controller - internal controller for patterned based filter applications, trance-gates, etc.
  • Fruit Kick - for generating synthesized kick-drum sounds
  • Fruity Granulizer - for applying granular synthesis effects to a sample
  • Fruity Slicer
  • WaveTraveller - spline-based playback of samples, useful for record-scratch effects
  • MIDI Out - provides MIDI control of external hardware
  • Plucked - a Karplus-Strong plucked string generator
  • Sampler - a simple but flexible sampler that has the same envelopes, LFOs, and MIDI delay as the 3x OSC described above

optional generators (require additional purchase)

  • Sytrus - a powerful and versatile FM synthesizer featuring 6 customizable operators for FM and RM synthesis, plucked strings synthesis, 12 filter types & 3 waveshapers, a unique programmable unison mode, and an effects module consisting of chorus, 3 delay lines, and reverb.
  • Slayer II - an improved guitar simulation
  • SimSynth Live - 3 oscillator MiniMoog simulation combined with Oberheim style SVF filters
  • Wasp - a broad analog emulation synth with an aggressive distortion effect
  • DX10 - FM sound with a simpler, more intuitive interface
  • Soundfont Player - gives the ability to load, play and render soundfonts (.sf2 files)
  • DrumSynth Live - a complex drum synthesizer
  • BeatSlicer - easily 'slice' any wav file (not only loops) into its specific parts and edit those slices
  • EZ-Editor - An audio editing program (not needed if you have Producer Edition)
  • SimSynth Standalone - a free-standing program that is used to generate synth sounds in wav format

FL Studio supported standards sells hip hop sounds and hip samples  that supports the Fruity Loops program. We offer quality hip hop drum loops to load directly into the Fruity Loops program. We sell blazin' hot Fruity loops samples.  We offer quality drum sounds and drum one shot samples. You can load our sounds into your Fruity loops based program or our .WAV formatted CD-Roms or instant downloads. We sell very professional warm hip hop drum loops and hip hop sounds and hip hop samples for your hip hop production needs.